Fitness Hero: Sharron Castle



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AMFC member, Shannon Peterson nominated charter member and volunteer, Sharron Castle as an AMFC Fitness Hero.  From Shannon, “When I first started attending AMFC, Sharron took me under her wing and showed me the ropes.  She is a faithful fitness pal, and I think she can out do lots of people ½ her age.  I admire her and always look forward to seeing her smile at classes.”

Says Sharron, “It all started for me with the P.E.P. program (Positive Eating Patterns) run by Jackie Haggar-Tuschen back when the ‘fitness center’ was the Avera Hospital basement.  That started a new lifestyle for me”. 

Sharron walks every morning in addition to her 5-per-week workouts which can include weight training class at 5:40am on Tuesday and Thursdays with Amy and Holly or Zumba or any other group ex classes she decides to try.  She chooses a variety of exercise classes to mix it up and keep things interesting. “Classes are where I get new ideas. In a class setting you’re challenged by the energy of others and that keeps you focused.” 

And as much as members like Shannon Peterson appreciate Sharron’s warm, welcoming smile and conversation, Sharron loves to encourage others in their health and fitness adventure and sharing the camaraderie of exercise. “I just feel good,”  Sharron says with a smile, “I can’t imagine not living this way.”