Fitness Hero: Sue Mollison


 Sue Mollison rszd

AMFC member, John Mollison, nominated his wife Sue as an AMFC Fitness Hero.  From John, “That I am a “regular” and (according to Karen) hold the record for Fitness Assessment push-ups is wholly due to my wife’s positive influence and example! 

            She started me on the road to wellness 19 years ago.  I made 7 minutes on an elliptical machine to her 60.  However, she encouraged me to come back, ever increasing in small increments until the motivation to sustain and grow on my own accord took hold (about 3 years, by the way).

            Today, her consistent effort and obvious “good shape” extends to our kids – my son actually pre-empts video games to come to AMFC and our daughter enjoys training w/Kristin. I think it’s very plain to me that Sue is a Fitness Hero to many.

Says Sue, “Life is full of distractions that can keep us from exercising consistently.  Don’t let the distractions defeat you!  Don’t compare yourself to other people because your story is not their story.  Work for your personal best.  One of the many things I love about Avera McKennan Fitness Center is the variety of exercise options they offer.  Find the class or machines you enjoy and make it fun!”