Group Exercise Class Schedule

Our group exercise classes run on a weekly basis and change from month to month:

Monday Classes

5:30am Power PacingCycles45Dan
5:30am Deep Water Interval TrainingLap Pool45Charissa/Stephanie
5:40amCardio & KickboxingAerobic Studio45Rebecca
5:40amEarly Morning YogaMindBody Studio60Sean
7:30amDeep WaterLap Pool45Karen
8:15amPower PacingCycles45Tasha/Karen
8:30amGentle YogaMindBody Studio75Sean
8:30amArthritis ROMTherapy Pool45Tonya
8:30amShallow Water Interval TrainingLap Pool45Karen
8:30amTotal CoreAerobic Studio20Charissa
9:00 amR.I.P.P.E.D.Aerobic Studio45Charissa
9:15amArthritis ROMTherapy Pool45Tonya
9:30amDeep Water Interval TrainingLap Pool45Karen
10:00amGentle YogaMindBody Studio60Sean
10:15 amAqua ChiTherapy Pool45Sheryl
10:45amLite-N-Low ExerciseAerobics Studio45Joni
Deep Water Interval TrainingLap Pool45Deb L.
ZumbaAerobic Studio45Joey/Yrene/Shannon
5:30 pm
Power PacingCycles45Tasha/Dom
Aerobic Studio45Tasha/Charissa
Cardio Blast & Strength ConditioningLap Pool45Tonya
Aqua ChiTherapy Pool45Glenda
5:45pmIntermediate YogaMindBody Studio75Denise
6:15 pmBootcamp/TabataBasketball Court30Dom/Tasha
6:50 pmTai ChiAerobic Studio45Glenda

Tuesday Classes

5:30 amPower PacingCycles45Dan
5:40 amPowerFlex/R.I.P.P.E.DAerobic Studio45Amy/Jennie
5:40 amProgressive Mat PilatesMindBody Studio45Karri
6:00 amAb ExpressFitness Floor15Instructor Rotation
7:30 amDeep Water IntervalLap Pool45Karen
8:15 am Power Pacing Cycles45June
8:30 amArthritis ROMTherapy Pool45Tonya
8:30 amGentel/Intermediate YogaMindBody75Denise
8:30 amPilates Plus
Aerobic Studio60Karri
9:00 amBootcampBasketball Court35Karen
9:30 amShallow Water Interval TrainingLap Pool45Sheryl
9:40 amMuscle Max Plus Aerobic Studio45Karri
10:00 amJust StretchMindBody Studio30Joni
10:15 amAqua PilatesTherapy Pool30Sheryl
10:45 amIntro to PilatesAerobic Studio30Karri
11:00 amPilates Reformer-for fee
Reformer Room45Chad
5:30 pmTotal Body HIITAerobic Studio45Jessica
5:30 pmPower PacingCycles45Tasha
5:45 pmYin YogaMindBody Studio60Deb Y
6:30 pmZumbaAerobic Studio45Frankie

Wednesday Classes

5:30 amDeep Water Interval TrainingLap Pool45Rhonda
5:40 am
ZumbaAerobic Studio45Dom/Missy
5:30 am
Power PacingCycles45Jackie
5:40 amBarre-Less Barre PilatesMind/Body Studio45Bobbie
6:30 amButts & GuttsAerobic Studio30Dom
8:15 am
Circuit Challenge Basketball Court30Chad
8:30 amShallow Water BootcampLap Pool45Amanda
8:30 amIntermediate YogaMindBody Studio75Sean
8:30 amR.I.P.P.E.D.Aerobic Studio55Jennie
9:15 amArthritis ROMTherapy Pool45Sheryl
9:30 amDeep Water Interval TrainingLap Pool45Karri
9:45 amProgressive Mat PilatesAerobic Studio45Chad
10:00 amStrength & BalanceMindBody Studio30Glenda
10:15 amAqua ChiTherapy Pool45Sheryl
10:45 amGrowing StrongerAerobic Studio45Karri
10:45 amTai ChiMindBody Studio45Glenda
4:30 pmDeep Water Interval TrainingLap Pool45Sharon
4:30 pmBarre-less Barre PilatesAerobic Studio45Karri
5:30 pmPower PacingCycles45Tasha/Karri
5:30 pm ZumbaAerobic Studio45Missy/Dom
5:30 pmPilates Reformer-for feeReformer Room45Chad
5:45 pmBarre-less/Yoga FusionMindBody Studio45Kat
6:20 pmButts N GuttsAerobic Studio30Dom
6:40 pmGentle YogaMindBody60Kat

Thursday Classes

5:30 amShallow Water CircuitLap Pool45Sharon
5:40 amPowerFlexAerobic Studio45Instructor Rotation
5:40 amProgressive Mat PilatesMindBody Studio45Jackie
7:30 amDeep Water IntervalLap Pool45Karen
8:15 amTRX-for fee
Basketball Court45Don
8:15 amPower PacingCycles45June
8:30 amGentle YogaMindBody Studio75Deb L.
8:45 amBarre-Less Barre PilatesAerobic Studio45Karri
9:00 amBootcampBasketball Court45Charissa
9:15 amArthritis ROMTherapy Pool45Tonya
9:30 amShallow Water Interval Training Lap Pool45Sheryl
9:50 amPowerFlexAerobic Studio45Charissa
10:00 amJust StretchMindBody Studio30Joni
10:15 amAqua ChiTherapy Pool45Glenda
4:30 pmMuscle Max Aerobic Studio45Karri
5:30 pmPower Pacing 101
(great for beginners)
5:30 pmR.I.P.P.E.DAerobic Studio55Jennie
5:45 pmGentle/Intermediate Yoga.MindBody Studio60Denise
5:45 pmAqua ChiTherapy Pool45Glenda
6:15 pmBootcampBasketball Court45Charissa/Dom

Friday Classes

5:40 amAthletic ConditioningAerobic Studio45Rebecca
5:40 amYin YogaMindBody Studio60Deb Y
8:15 amPower PacingCycles45Tasha/Karen
8:30 amShallow Water Interval TrainingLap Pool45Charissa/Karen
8:30 amYogaFitMindBody Studio75Linda
8:30 am KickboxingAerobic Studio45Karri
9:15 amArthritis ROMTherapy Pool45Sheryl
9:20 amTotal Core & StrengthAerobic Studio45Karri/Charissa
9:30 amDeep Water Interval Training
Lap Pool45Karen/Charissa
10:00amStrength & BalanceMindBody Studio30Glenda
10:15 amAqua ChiTherapy Pool45Sheryl
10:45 amZumba Gold
Aerobic Studio45Karri
5:30 pmZumbaAerobic Studio45Instructor Rotation

Saturday Classes

7:15 am
Power Pacing Cycles45Instructor Rotation
7:30 amYoga for AllMind/Body Studio75Instructor Rotation
8:15 amPower Pacing Cycles45Instructor Rotation
8:15 amPilatesAerobic Studio45Instructor Rotation
8:30 amShallow/Deep Water RotationLap Pool45Instructor Rotation
9:00 amCircuit ChallengeFitness Floor45Rebecca
9:00 amGentle YogaMind/Body Studio75Instructor Rotation
9:15 amPilates Reformer-for fee classReformer Room45Chad/Andrea
10:00 am
Zumba Aerobic Studio45Instructor Rotation

Pilates Reformer Classes - For Fee

11 - 11:45 am
Pilates Reformer GroupFitness Floor - Reformer Room45Instructor Rotation
5:30 - 6:15 pm
Pilates Reformer GroupFitness Floor - Reformer Room45Instructor Rotation
9:15 - 10:00 am
Pilates Reformer GroupFitness Floor - Reformer Room45Instructor Rotation

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