Medically Integrated Services


Avera McKennan Fitness Center is certified by the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) – the recognized mark of excellence in the fitness, health and wellness industry. 

Achieving this prestigious designation signifies that the center meets or exceeds MFA’s rigorous standards for medical fitness facilities. Certification confirms the center’s strong commitment to providing the highest quality staffing, porgramming , services, facilities and equipment for members and all those we serve in the greater Sioux Falls area. 

Whether you are managing a chronic medical condition, coming to us from surgery or physical therapy, or if you are a seasoned athlete, we offer appropriate, effective support. Our Fitness Specialists and Personal Trainers are degreed and certified, so you can have confidence in their guidance as they work with you to create routines for improving or maintaining your strength, endurance, flexibility, energy, and enjoyment of life.

Learn more about our Next Steps Medically Integrated Services

Online Health Risk Assessments

We offer free online health risk assessment tools to help you understand potential risk for certain conditions, including colon cancer, breast cancer and stroke. Simply register for an HRA account and gain access to our assessment library.

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