Member Spotlight


Meet Mitch Staples:  AMFC Member Since January, 2010

In January of 2010, Mitch Staples,  grown-up, superb & loving husband, proud father to a new little baby, successful professional – found himself smack dab in the middle of a come-to-Jesus conversation with his parents as they visited his home one day.  He was waiting, ready to listen, but shaken by the tears in their eyes.

Mitch, they said, we want you to live to see your baby grow up.  And then he understood what was up.  At that time, Mitch’s weight had reached 410lbs.  He had always been a big guy and an impressive, three-sport athlete in school.  But even at a height of six feet & 8 inches, 410lbs is a dangerous amount of excess weight to carry.

It’s not like he had no idea that he’d put on some extra pounds since college. In his early twenties, his focus was work and working out with a passion; he was in prime shape.  But after a few more years at his sometimes stressful, mostly sedentary desk job, marriage, a new home and planning for the baby, exercise got left by the wayside.

So he joined AMFC and got moving.  He began with 3 to 4 workouts per week and started paying more attention to the quantity of food he ate.  He chose moderation as his fundamental guideline and says that that strategy has been really helpful to his efforts overall. Mitch gave himself one splurge day a week (remembering the moderation mantra).

Since he joined AMFC three years ago, Mitch has established a healthy structure of exercise that now includes a workout 5 to 6 days per week and moderation in diet that allows him to enjoy life and be and feel healthier  In the first year, he lost 50lbs and has been happy with moderate, consistent weight loss to his present weight of about 300lbs.  He says that he sleeps better.  And on the golf course, now he can walk 18 holes and feel great.

Typically, Mitch likes to do five and a half miles on an elliptical machine followed by 1 or more miles on the stair stepper.  His reward for a workout well-done is time to relax in the hot tub, steam room or sauna or a combination of the three.

Mitch’s advice: Everything in moderation and be consistent and dedicated to taking care of your own health and fitness!