The Garden Grows


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The first raised-bed garden season at AMFC is winding down after months of planning and preparation, planting seeds, thinning seedlings, stomping down old straw bales, leaves and grass clippings, hauling 50lb bags of organic compost and topsoil, mapping out companion planting, digging, planting, sawing wood, staple gunning fencing, watering….whew! 

Thanks go to the members and staff who’ve participated and contributed to this venture into gardening for fun and sharing healthy food and awareness.  We’ve learned quite a bit together.  (Important lesson:  when your Master Gardener says,  “Don’t plant zuchini there!”   then DON’T PLANT ZUCHINI THERE!) 

Soon we’ll have a full report on what we’ve learned to share with you all and will tell you how you can get involved next spring.  In the mean time, we’ve got a GARDEN PARTY to plan.  Keep your eyes peeled, it’s coming in October….