Yoko Takes Tokyo


Congratulations to AMFC member and staff team member, Yoko Hartland. Recently, she flew to her home country of Japan to see family and to compete in the Tokyo marathon entitled, The Day We Unite!  Over 304,000 runners applied to be admitted as one of 35,000 runners.  She had a phenomenal finish with a time of 3:28:27 and she got 220th place from the over all female winners – WOW!

A note from Yoko: ….It was an honor for me to run in my home country of Japan.  I had some difficulties adjusting from the 15 hour time change in the four days preceding the race, but was ready to run on race day.  The day of the race, it was a swarm of people with all of the runners, volunteers and the people lining the streets to cheer us on (Ganbare!!!).  It was a wonderful experience.  It was great to see my family who still lives in Japan.  Even though this was my 10th marathon, it was my first time that I was able to share my passion for running with them.  This made me very happy, and I felt complete.  

I love to run.  I like to challenge myself both mentally and physically and marathons give me the opportunity to do this.  It is satisfying to set a goal, train hard and finish.  The encouragement that I received from my family and friends during my training keeps me going, and I am very appreciative of all the support that they have give me.

Thank you Yoko for sharing your story with us and for the inspiration.